Auditions Results

We want to thank everyone who participated in the auditions this year for the Hart House Orchestra. In general the level of playing was very high and most enjoyable to listen to. It was, in every case, a pleasure to meet you and hear you play.

We understand the effort this represents and can only be thankful that you took the time and had the understanding to go through the process. In a perfect world everyone would be accepted but as is the case especially in the winds, brass and percussion, we are limited in the numbers of people we can accept.

Audition results are posted in the downloadable PDFs below:

To those new members who are now in the orchestra, we welcome you and hope that you will find the experience both challenging and rewarding. For those of you that did not gain a position in the orchestra we wish you the best in your musical endeavors and hope that you will of another year take up the adventure again!

From my observations in the open rehearsals there were a number of people who could have made the orchestra who either cancelled or failed to show up for the audition. If you don’t audition, you cannot gain membership. Please remember that everyone has difficulties with this music to a greater or lesser extent and very, very few people are happy with their audition performances. We always make allowances for nerves and courage!

Kindest regards,