Fall 2017 Auditions & Upcoming Program

Programming for the upcoming season is in the following document: 2017-18 Season

The audition signup for 2017 is not open yet. An announcement will be sent later in the summer when the signup is opened.

Audition Notes

  1. The following works are on the auditions for everyone.
    • HOLST Planets: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn (only these movements)
    • MAHLER Symphony No.6
    • STRAUSS Don Quixote
    • DUKAS Sorcerers Apprentice
  2. String excerpts as given. Divisi parts apply. Solo sections do not.
  3. Winds/Brass/Percussion entire parts please. It should be obvious that I won’t hear you play whole notes! Learn first or another part e.g. high or low horn.
  4. Full parts and scores are available from imslp.
  5. Recordings, including some very fine ones, are available on Youtube.
  6. My suggestion would be that you listen with score and part in hand first. Then start work. I would much rather hear parts played beautifully than a shotgun approach. Personally, I would begin my practice sooner rather than later.
  7. We have a new assistant conductor, Eszter Horvath, who some of you know and the rest will get to know in due time.
  8. If you have further questions please get in touch with me at janzen.henry.p _at_ gmail -dot- com

Musical excerpt selections and guidelines are in the following PDFs: