Fall 2022 Audition Excerpts

A program outline for the new season may be viewed here.

The audition pieces for both new and returning members will be selected excerpts from Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D Minor Op. 47 and R. Strauss Don Juan Op. 20. Details posted below.

Strauss, Richard Don Juan Op. 20

Parts and score available for free from IMSLP.


  1. Opening to rehearsal B
  2. 3m after S to 3m after U


  1. Opening to rehearsal B
  2. Rehearsal P for 8m
  3. Rehearsal S to rehearsal U


  • Complete parts


  1. Opening to the tremolo before rehearsal D
  2. 7m after rehearsal O (rapidamente) to rehearsal S (vivo).

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D minor Op. 47

All Instruments

Excerpts in PDFs linked below:


In the case of the Strauss, you need only perform to 85% of the marked tempo. If the half note is given as (metronome marking) mm 84 per the opening passage, you may play at mm 72 to the half, or mm 144 to the quarter. However, if you play at the quarter, you should also learn to play to the half note as will transpire in the performance.

In the case of the Shostakovich, audition at the tempo indicated.

Substitutions for the above will not be accepted.

Sight reading will be required.

Fast and sloppy playing is only teaching your fingers and brain to make mistakes and is therefore logically a waste of time. My preference is to hear super accurate rather than fast playing. The first is a must, the second is optional and comes with time and experience. The key: fast fingers, slow tempo.

Happy work!

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