K. Alan Turner Prize

The Hart House Orchestra inaugurated the K. Alan Turner Prize on March 26th, 1992 at its Spring concert. The prize was presented to recognize the long-standing service of Alan Turner to Hart House and to congratulate the winner of the Hart House Orchestra Members Concerto Competition.1 (At that time, the competition was open to members of the Hart House Orchestra, Chamber Winds, Chamber Strings and Jazz Ensemble.)

K. Alan Turner was elected to the Hart House Music Committee in 1943 while studying electrical engineering at the University of Toronto. For the next two seasons, he was Secretary of the Music Committee and served on the Board of Stewards, the governing body of the House. During this time, the concept for a classical music listening room was developed. Because there was no commercial hi-fi market at the time, Alan built the original equipment for the Record Room. Alan graduated from the University of Toronto in 1946. In addition to his engineering degree, he also holds an ATCL in piano performance from Trinity College, London.

In 1949, Alan was elected to the Graduate Committee and served for ten years, including four terms as Chairman from 1955 to 1959. In 1963, he was invited by Arnold Wilkinson, the Warden of the day, to return to the Music Committee as the Senior Member. Over the years, Alan played an important role in a number of unique Music Committee projects. These included the Quartet Series presented as a memorial to Arnold Wilkinson in 1973/74, Anton Kuerti’s performance of all 32 Beethoven Piano Sonata’s in 1974, and the CBC Debut Series, which began in 1984. He was a guiding force throughout the process that led to the selection of the College Park Steinway as the House’s premiere piano. Alan also took upon himself the role of recording producer for the House. He taped musical events in Hart House for many years, including Gala Concerts, Hart House Orchestra concerts and selected Sunday Afternoon Concerts put on by the Music Committee.

In 1992, the Hart House Orchestra Committee was pleased to honour Alan’s unparalleled contribution to the life of the House by presenting the first K. Alan Turner Prize to the winner of the Hart House Orchestra Members Concerto Competition. The prize consists of a performance with the orchestra, a $50 cash award and an inscription on the Turner Prize plaque on display at Hart House.

Winners of the K. Alan Turner Prize
Concert Performed (Competition Season) Performer Instrument Composition
Fall 2022 (2018/2019) Laura Bolt Flute Griffes, Poem for Flute & Orchestra A.93
Spring 2016 (2015/2016) Jongmin Lee Clarinet Mozart, Clarinet Concerto
Spring 2014 (2013/2014) Meagan Turner & Luca Casciato Violin & Viola Bruch, Double Concerto
Winter 2013 (2012/2013) Phil Lam Clarinet Copland, Clarinet Concerto
Winter 2012 (2011/2012) Elisabeth Jackson Flute Mozart, Flute Concerto
Spring 2009 (2008/2009) Tim Hendrickson Trumpet Arutiunian, Trumpet Concerto
Spring 2008 (2007/2008) Jolie Chrisman Oboe Wolf-Ferrari, Idillio Concertino
Spring 2007 (2006/2007) Joanna Tang & Julianne Marie Violin & Viola Mozart, Sinfonia Concertante
Spring 2006 (2005/2006) Joanna Tang Violin Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto
Spring 2005 (2004/2005)* Venko Deligrudev French Horn Mozart, Horn Concerto #4
Spring 2004 (2003/2004)* Valentin Blomer Piano Beethoven, Piano Concerto #1
Spring 2003 (2002/2003)* Emily LeRoux-Rutledge Soprano Vivaldi, Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera
Spring 2002 (2001/2002)* Kelly Purpura Violin Vitali, Chaconne
Spring 2000 (1999/2000) Tiffany Butt Piano Gottshalk, Grande Tarantelle for Piano and Orchestra
John Sullivan Bassoon Weber, Basson Concerto Op. 75
Spring 1999 (1998/1999) Julian Kuerti Violin Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto in E-minor
Spring 1998 (1997/1998) Chris Turner Viola Hindemith, Trauermusik for Viola and Orchestra
David Locke Trumpet Arutiunian, Trumpet Concerto
Spring 1997 (1996/1997) Carl Ek French Horn Larsson, Concertino for Horn and Strings
Spring 1996 (1995/1996) Takashi Kawai Clarinet Hindemith, Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Jacqueline Collins Trombone Grondahl, Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
Spring 1995 (1994/1995) Michael Woodside Piano Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 27 in B-flat major, K. 595
Spring 1994 (1993/1994) Violet Shearer French Horn Strauss, Horn Concerto No. 1
Spring 1993 (1992/1993) Levi McLaughlin Violin Khachaturian, Violin Concerto
Spring 1992 (1991/1992) Jennie Jung Piano Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 5 (“The Emperor”)

1 When the orchestra played two concerts a season, two competitions were held per year. One, open to anyone, was held in Spring and the winner played with the Orchestra in the Fall concert of the next season; the second, open to Hart House members only, was held in the Fall, and the winner played with the Orchestra in the Spring concert. Since moving to a three concert season, the Hart House Orchestra has continued to hold two competitions per year. The first, held in the Fall, is widely advertised and is open to any musician, with the winner typically playing with the Orchestra for the Winter concert; the second is open only to members of the Hart House Orchestra, and the winner typically plays with the Orchestra at the Spring concert. * The K. Alan Turner Prize was not formally awarded in the 2001/2002 season, due to Orchestra administrative turnover leading to a loss of continuity. This oversight continued until the Spring of 2005. For the seasons 2001/2002 to 2004/2005, the individuals that won the Hart House Members Concerto Competition were given the opportunity to play solo with the HHO, but they were not formally awarded the K. Alan Turner Prize. The Orchestra Committee apologizes for this oversight; it has been corrected for the 2005/2006 season.